The Commerce Department’s ill-timed solar investigation is hurting utilities

solar investigation

Indiana utility NiSource announced it will delay two scheduled 2023 coal plant retirements until 2025 solar investigation projects.The root cause? A Commerce Department investigation into Southeast Asian solar investigation panel manufacturers that has imperiled the industry, including the very solar projects that were on track to replace the Midwestern utility’s coal operations. The rest of […]

4 Apps That Promise to Improve Your Eyesight


Worried about your eyesight? These iPhone and Android apps claim they can help improve it with visual exercises. Many people experience deterioration in their eyesight as the years go by. If you’re tired of taking forever to get through a paragraph, or you always have tried eyes and would like to find ways to improve […]

What is Ferroelectricity and How Does it Apply Nanotechnology?


The growing attempt to incorporate nanotechnology with electronics has resulted in the realization of emerging conceptual components and devices based on ferroelectric materials, such as transistors, memristors, capacitors, and many others. In this article, an overview of ferroelectricity and its current development in the realm of ferroelectric-based nanoelectronics is given. What is Ferroelectricity? Opposite charges […]

Nanomedicine and Kidney Disease Therapeutics

Kidney Disease

Kidney disease has risen as a critical health problem for the global population, especially with diabetes mellitus (DM) becoming ubiquitous in developing countries. Approximately 37 million Americans have chronic kidney disease and critical diabetes statistics report that 1 in 3 people with diabetes develop chronic kidney disease. With the advancement in nanomedicine, developing a less […]

Extreme storms could help protect beaches from sea level rise, new study finds

Extreme storms

Images in the wake of coastal extreme storms usually focus purely on the extensive damage caused to beaches, dunes, property, and surrounding infrastructure. However, a new international study has shown that extreme weather events could help protect beaches from the impact of sea level rise—by bringing in new sand from deeper waters or from nearby […]

A promising solution to improve the surface hydrophobicity of hydrophobic membranes

hydrophobic membranes

As many chemists know, the membrane distillation (MD) process has gained increasing popularity and attention for saline treatment, especially because of its extremely high salt rejection (the theoretical value up to 100%). In MD, the hydrophobic membrane serves as a core and significant part of realizing two-phase separation. However, the existing membrane wetting phenomenon always […]

Scientists show how to store liquid fuels in polymeric gels to prevent explosions and fires

polymeric gels

Liquid fuels with high energy density are essential in many applications where chemical energy is converted into controlled motion, such as in rockets, gas turbines, boilers, and certain vehicle engines. Besides their combustion characteristics and performance, it is also important to guarantee the safety and stability of these fuels when in use as well as […]

For the first time, researchers have observed an X-ray explosion on a white dwarf

X-ray explosion

When stars like our sun use up all their fuel, they shrink to form white dwarfs. Sometimes such dead stars flare back to life in a super-hot explosion and produce a fireball of X-ray radiation. A research team from several German institutes including Tübingen University, and led by Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU), has now been able […]

Varied functionality of an enzymes that breakdown lipids

enzymes that breakdown lipids

Researchers published a study in npj Biofilms and Microbiomes, that describes the properties of an enzymes that breakdown lipids. In nature, microorganisms including bacteria display different shapes. Escherichia coli, a rod-shaped commensal bacterium of the human gut, can readily alter its shape upon exposure to stress. Upon many occasions, E. coli stalls cell division, but […]

Cooling speeds up electrons in bacterial nanowires

bacterial nanowires

The ground beneath our feet and under the ocean floor is an electrically-charged grid, the product of bacterial nanowires “exhaling” excess electrons through tiny nanowires in an environment lacking oxygen. Yale University researchers have been studying ways to enhance this natural electrical conductivity within nanowires by identifying the mechanism of electron flow. In a new […]