I want someone to look at me and say “because of you, I didn’t give up”.

I’m trying to understand the hidden aspect of nature, my goal is always to be the best version of myself; life is always challenging, but it is also filled with the possibility of a second chance (called tomorrow) if you do it right. Science to me is a tool for answering fundamental and applied questions […]

For your unique confidence

“What have you got to be confident of ?” I could express myself in front of the camera, I have been able to keep myself from being influenced by the outside world, I had ordinary fans and friends who appreciated me, supported me, encouraged me and loved me, I can deliver positive energy to everyone […]

Precise prediction of soil physio properties with X-ray tomography

Hydraulic conductivity is the measure of ease by which the soil pores permit the flow of water in soil. Hydraulic conductivity determines the plant water uptake, infiltration, evaporations and transportation of solute in soil. Estimation of hydraulic conductivity is useful for hydrologic models like watershed modelling, storm management and land use planning for both urban […]

I Believe in Dreams

When the first rays of the morning touch my face, When the spring breezes send me coolness, I was riding my bike on the tree-lined road on campus, Firmly believe, The dream is ahead When my cocktail weed is fragrant. When my fish are lost on land, I still cling to the belief, The dream […]

Microplastics are serious threat to agricultural plants

The uptake of microplastics (MPs) and nano-plastics (NPs) in plants has been detected, especially accumulation in root hairs.  MPs cannot enter into plant tissues directly as is expected because large size particles prevent them from entering into the plant cell walls, while NPs can directly enter into the plant cell walls. On the basis of […]