Hangout of two Refugees in COVID times

Have you prepared your luggage, are you ready for hangout? I got up at 3 am listening to this alarm call by my dear friend Adeel that there is a lock down and we have to take the last train. Actually we decided to travel in Corona time and in the first holidays of our […]

UNESCO Heritage for Sustainable Development

The listed heritage is a valuable property shared by all mankind. Coordinated management and protection of listed heritage and active integration with community development are effective ways to achieve social, economic and environmentally sustainable development at different scales (local, national and global) to help implement the global SDG goals. At present, climate change and human activities […]

Magic compound in mushroom to minimize the mental depression

Psilocybin (magic compound), the psychedelic compound found in mushrooms, helps to “open up” the depressed people’s brains, even after use, enabling brain regions to talk more freely to one another. Psilocybin is one of the members of psychedelic being explored as a potential therapy for psychiatric disorders. Several studies have tried a synthesized form of […]

Accomplishment of 32 years old quest to generate human genome sequence

The first draft of human genome sequence was produced after two decades of Human Genome Project. Recently, researchers from National Human Genome Research Institute, National Institutes of Health, University of Washington, Santa Cruz, and University of California have worked in collaboration and completed 32 years old quest by uncovering the first complete, gapless DNA sequences […]

3D Printer (FarmBot) will revolutionize the agricultural system

Agriculture is full of new technologies, mind revolving new products and trends that brought the changes in the Midwest crop farmers. These new products may include open field server, biofuels, development of drought resistant crops, global warming, biomass harvesters, autonomous, E premium tractors and. Among these, 3D printer is one of the innovative technology that […]

Sustainable use of construction waste for greener environment

The urgency for the application of sustainable use of construction waste for greener environment and recycled aggregates (RA) can be associated with CO2 reduction, waste landfilling, shortage of raw materials and expenditures. Production of 1 tonne of natural aggregates (river sand and crushed stone) emits 23–33 kg CO2, while the production of 1 t of recycled concrete aggregates from RA […]