First comprehensive study reveals why Australians take medicinal cannabis

medicinal cannabis

Of the 248,000 scripts approved for Australians since the inception of the national medicinal cannabis scheme in 2016, many related to conditions for which the drug has limited evidence of efficacy, a new University of Sydney study shows. The first in-depth study of Australia’s medicinal cannabis program, which began in 2016, shows the drug is […]

Innovative ‘smart socks’ could help millions living with dementia

smart socks

“Smart socks” that track rising distress in the wearer could improve the well-being of millions of people with dementia, non-verbal autism and other conditions that affect communication. Inventor Dr. Zeke Steer quit his job and took a Ph.D. at Bristol Robotics Laboratory so he could find a way to help people like his great-grandmother, who […]

People were hesitant about rather than opposed to the COVID-19 vaccine, study finds

COVID-19 vaccine

A study that explored the attitudes of vaccine hesitant adults in the U.K. towards uptake of the COVID-19 vaccine found that participants were hesitant rather than opposed to the vaccine. They had questions about their need for, and the safety and efficacy of the vaccine. Concerns were exacerbated by a lack of trust in government […]

Hybrid strains make insidious parasite more dangerous

insidious parasite

Researchers at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden have mapped how the insidious parasite Trypanosoma cruzi forms new variants that are more effective at evading the immune system and causing disease. Their findings can give rise to new methods for diagnosing, preventing and treating Chagas disease, which affects millions of people in Central and South America, causing […]

Diabetes almost doubles risk of death from COVID

Diabetes COVID

People with diabetes were almost twice as likely to die with COVID and almost three times as likely to be critically or severely ill compared to those without diabetes. However, the study conducted by researchers from the University of Aberdeen, which reviewed data from hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world, also […]

Researchers study the health of children whose parents migrate for work

health of children

Health of children might be affected by leaving your children behind to migrate for work, which is not an easy choice but is very often the case for families living in low- and middle-income countries. Researchers have found that although there may be financial benefits for families of migrant workers, the time spent away is […]

Few physiotherapists used telerehabilitation services during the COVID-19 pandemic

rehabilitation services

Few physiotherapists provided rehabilitation services remotely to older adults or patients with neurological diseases during the pandemic, according to a new study from Karolinska Institutet published in BMC Health Services Research. The result sheds light on the importance of strengthening the expertise regarding remote rehabilitation services among physiotherapists, and to develop user-friendly digital tools for […]

UK indoor tanning ban would reduce melanoma deaths

melanoma deaths

A ban of commercially available indoor tanning would substantially reduce melanoma deaths, the most serious form of skin cancer, a study led by University of Manchester researchers has concluded. The study findings are being published to coincide with Melanoma Awareness Month. By tracking the projected impact on the 618,000 18-year-olds living in England in 2019, […]